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Holidays With Nervous Dogs

Is your canine buddy easily excitable? Does Fido often get scared or anxious? If so, he isn’t the only one. Many of our canine companions are a bit fretful. Dogs can be afraid of a variety of things, such as loud noises, being left alone, visitors, social events, and changes to their daily routine or environment. Of course, all of these things may come into play around the holidays. This time of year can be quite difficult for timid pets! Here, a Brandon, FL vet offers tips on spending the holidays with a nervous pup.


One of the best things you can do to keep Fido calm is to simply make sure he is getting enough activity. This will help your pooch burn off his excess energy. After a fun play session, your pup will be a bit tired, and therefore won’t be as jittery. Take time to walk and play with your pet every day.   (Tip: new toys make great gifts for dogs.)

Safe Space

Some dogs are more comfortable when they have a safe space to retreat to. A crate is great for this, though you shouldn’t keep Fido crated too long. If you have a spare room, you can also put your canine pal in there with bedding, toys, treats, and food. Put a baby gate at the door, so your pet can still see and hear you. That way, he won’t feel so isolated. If you’re expecting a noisy night, turn a radio or TV on to mask the sounds. This is a good tactic for New Year’s Eve, as many dogs are scared of fireworks.

Puppy-Calming Products

There are now quite a few products that are specifically made for calming pets, such as treats, collars, and sprays. Medication can also help your pooch cope with his anxiety. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Consider Boarding

Are you having a big holiday party? You may want to consider boarding Fido that day. You can enjoy the big event, while knowing that your pooch is safe and sound.

Quality Time

Last but not least, spend some quiet quality time with Fido. Relaxing with your pup and a good seasonal movie is a great break from all that hustle and bustle!

Please contact us, your local Brandon, FL vet clinic, for your dog’s boarding and veterinary care needs. We are here to help!