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Holiday Hazards for Pets

The holiday season has officially arrived! It’s always great to enjoy seasonal foods and events with our friends and family members. Your pet is also an important part of your household. Just keep your furry pal’s safety in mind over the next few weeks. The holidays can be quite dangerous for pets! A Brandon, FL vet lists some hazards for pet owners to be aware of in this article.


Food is one of the main concerns at this time of year. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving your pet a special treat. However, it’s important to stick to things you know are safe. (Tip: plain, boneless cooked meat, fish, or poultry is a good bet.) Never give your pet anything that contains garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; chocolate; avocado; alcohol; or xylitol. Nuts are also unsafe, as are grapes, currants, and raisins; meat on the bone; pitted fruit; and raw meat, dough, or yeast.


Dogs and cats are very playful, and have quite a knack for mischief. Tinsel, ribbons, ornament hooks, and those pretty strands of lights are all dangerous for your playful pet. Fragile ornaments are also unsafe, as are edible ones, such as popcorn strands.


Poinsettias, holly, ivy, yew, lilies, and many other seasonal plants are toxic to Fido and Fluffy. Pine needles can also be hazardous. Opt for fake plants. If you do get real ones, display them in spots your furry friend can’t get to.


Champagne, wine, eggnog, and other alcoholic beverages are definitely not safe for your four-legged pal. If you want to include Fluffy and Fido in the festivities, offer them some sodium-free broth.


Just like people, pets can suffer from anxiety and stress. Some pets are very nervous, and can get quite frightened by the presence of guests. Loud noises, such as New Year’s Eve fireworks, are also very scary to some of our four-legged friends. Keep a close eye on your animal companion, especially if you are hosting parties or having guests. If your dog or cat seems uneasy, put them in a quiet back room with food, toys, treats, comfy bedding, and, for kitties, a litterbox. Your fuzzy buddy may be more comfortable napping through the festivities!

Please reach out to us, your local Brandon, FL vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!